14th Athens Digital Arts Festival

↳ Client: Athens Digital Arts Festival
↳ 3D Artists & Motion Designers: Kakia Konstantinaki, Tina Touli
↳ Graphic Designers: Jakob Ritt, Tina Touli, Yunxin Stella Wang
↳ Sound Design: Nalyssa Green
↳ Case Study Photography: Denis C. Merten, Kakia Konstantinaki, Lea Abaz, Samaras Constantinos, Tina Touli
↳ Retouching: Tina Touli
This concept uses the notion of the singularity’s ambiguity to create intriguing abstract visuals which have the power to entice potential audiences. A key element is used to introduce the spectator to the idea of singularity and to set the overarching mood for the Athens Digital Arts Festival 2018. 
Singularity can be – as we are all aware – interpreted in a multitude of ways. The term is used in physics, mathematics and futurology to describe a range of scenarios from “the merger of human and machine”, “artificial intelligence becoming so real, that we will not be able to distinguish it from humans”, “the end of the world” to “eternal life”. And this is just scratching the surface.
To bring this idea to the widest possible audience, we introduced “the object” as a key element in the visual identity. It ties the concept together and provides continuity. “The object” is an abstract shape that is just hovering, looming, approaching, ever present – like the idea of singularity. It captures and represents essential qualities of the singularity; It is abstract and hard to define, be it through words or through images. It is an idea that is present, but can not be pin-pointed exactly. We seem to be sure that it is coming, but we are unsure what it holds for us.
The reflective surface of “the object” shows a mirror image of the Athenian cityscape it is placed in, which is distorted according to its shape. This object is placed in a setting that is familiar to the audience. This way, a juxtaposition of something that is completely grounded in reality and something that is categorically philosophical is created. 
By placing “the object” in a familiar surrounding we are beginning to shape a relationship between the spectator and the idea of singularity. This relationship will be varying from person to person. While one might be completely new to the idea, and the other might have already studied the subject, “the object” leaves room for each individual to shape their own interpretation of what singularity can be, either something good or bad. 
Observing this visual from an external standpoint gives the audience a foundation to complete the image to their personal satisfaction. The real satisfaction will come when they can finally visit the festival and see how other people interpreted and consequently represented their notion of the singularity.
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