5 Years of Snapmaker

↳ Client: Snapmaker
Starting from KickStarter and continuing to grow stronger, Snapmaker focuses on 3D printing, laser engraving as well as CNC carving technologies and develops high quality, modular and multi-functional 3D desktop machines.
Snapmaker celebrated its five years with the campaign “Make It Happen”. Just like Zootopia said “Anyone can be anything”. Humans make their first moon landing because of the power of will and imagination; users make ideas come to life, ranging from personal hobbies, friends' gifts to household gadgets. However big or small, Snapmaker can be part of it all. Make it happen!
The artwork presented has a dual meaning. It depicts the letter “S” for “Snapmaker” while at the same time it reads as the number “5”, standing for the 5 years of Snapmaker. Wooden layering of the letter/number “S/5” representing Snapmaker’s history and the creativity spreading have been cut with the help of Snapmaker’s 2.0 laser cutting function and painted to shape the final composition.


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