A Glimpse of Happiness

↳ Client: Self Initiated Project
During pandemic times, most of us constantly scrolled on websites and blogs trying to figure out what is going on around the world with the COVID-19 pandemic. Where did it come from? How long is it going to last? What can we do to stay safe? And the list of questions went on and on. Everything that we considered “normal” suddenly seemed so different. Waking up every day, in a “weird, new” world surrounded by bad news, stress, fear and scary growing case numbers. 
We are suddenly called to change our “normal” lives and adjust to the new rules. And yes, following carefully the guidelines to prevent spreading the virus is absolutely crucial. How about injecting some positivity into this “weird” life that we are currently living? It is definitely worth trying, to at least make it seem a tiny bit brighter! There is always a way to add a hint of humour when sharing these strict rules and news, that can hopefully make us smile at least for a moment or two. 
A collection of loops/instagram stickers related to the people’s reactions and to the safety rules during the pandemic have been designed to hopefully bring a smile on people’s faces, even for a bit.

Feel free to grab them and help spread some positive vibes along with awareness!
Search “tinatouli” on the IG story stickers to find them. Don't forget to tag me @tinatouli 🙏🏻. I love to see them being used!


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