Meeting point

↳ Client: Across Boarders
↳ A collaboration with Asuka Watanabe (Japanese typography)
Nowadays we spend our lives on a multitude of places across the world. Our bodies are stuck in a geographical location with a certain identity, but our minds are still travelling across borders and nations. Lost in the multiple physical, digital and virtual identities. Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I belong? Where is “home”? An inner self introspection. The boundaries are getting blurry and the identities are blending. You become a “Citizen of the World”. A world with no boarders, where differences become similarities. West or East, day or night, 11am or 7pm? Different but the same. Borders turn into bridges. Our meeting points.
This poster has been developed during a series of 11am (or else “I am”) (UK) / 7pm (Japan) creative meetings.
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