Against The Clock

↳ Client: Etapes, Adobe
29 minutes and 04 seconds was all it took to produce a technical image with the theme of psychedelia, using unusual Photoshop tools. Started with the Smudge tool, which softens or spreads the colours in an image, then the Smooth filter, which distorts an image in subtle or pronounced ways. In this work, it was skillfully used for touch-ups. To create the background, the Sky Replacement tool (new for Photoshop 2021) has been used more as an image database. Many shapes and patterns have been used, drawn directly from the Creative Cloud library in the PixelSquid plug-in, or image snippets provided by Adobe Stock. The History Shape tool was also used, a tool that allows parts of an image to be restored to a previous historical state by painting over them. The composition is based mainly on a clever use of fusion and vector masks, which gives room to play with the perspective and depth of the composition without removing elements.
You can find more on the Etapes "Against the clock" article here.
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