&Walsh Designer Emoji

↳ Client: &Walsh
↳ Creative Direction: Jessica Walsh
↳ Copywriting: Stephanie Halovanic, Rachel Denti, Jessica Walsh
↳ Production: Allison Raich
↳ Lead Design: Rachel Denti
↳ Design: Elinor O'brien, Carlos Bocai, Giulia Zoavo, Jeremy Rieger, Kitron Neuschatz, Sebastian Anastasiei, Tina Touli, Yeji Park, Sasyk Mihal, Matt Roop, Danyang Ma, Julian Williams, Katyayani Singh
↳ Animation: Danae Gosset, Soomin Jung, Lucas Luz, Mikey Kelly
↳ Photography: Sarah Hopp, Arielle Casale
Please note that this project is a collaboration with &Walsh.
Frustrated by the limitations of the current emoji set, the &Walsh team created a suite of emojis inspired by the unique experiences we go through as designers, and people living through 2020. These emoji packs are 100% free. 
Available as WhatsApp/iMessage stickers in the app "Top Stickers", by searching "Walsh". These emojis are also available as an Emoji Font, and you can use them as stickers on your Instagram stories by searching the hashtag #andwalsh. 
Please note, these emojis are for personal use only, and cannot be used for commercial work.
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