BFI Flare 2023

↳ Client: British Film Institute
↳ Creative Direction: Aries Moross
↳ Art Direction: Anna Czuż
↳ Design: Anna Czuż, Aries Moross, Oscar Cheung
↳ Motion & Editing: Leio Kirtley
↳ Photography: Tina Touli
↳ Project Management: Bex Dowse
BFI Flare 2023 LGBTQIA+ Film Festival visual identity in collaboration with Studio Moross. This year, the festival is represented by the concept of a 'waterfall' — a celebratory mixing of all things into one; a satisfying, powerful tide, waves of euphoria. In order to visualise the core values and uninhibited spirit of the festival, we came up with the idea to uncover the colourful waves in macro, and film the tactile, mesmerising process of merging textures.
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