Blending the Physical and the Digital World Workshop

↳ New workshop dates to be announced soon.
Nowadays, more and more creatives tend to follow the same design techniques, starting and finishing their work on their computer, ignoring all the inspiration from the physical world that could be creatively implemented to the digital one.
In this workshop you will be invited to explore the possibilities of blending the physical and the digital world, exploring new areas of design and come up with unique design solutions.
At the first stage you will be invited to visualize a word or a phase. In the next stage we will be exploring the typography through different objects, capturing the experimentations with a camera (a mobile with a camera will also work). We will explore the possibilities, the strengths and the weaknesses of our “objects” and push our creativity as far as possible. The last stage of the workshop will include a quick retouching tutorial which will assist in editing the selected artworks. We will close the workshop by reviewing the outcomes.
Everything around us can be inspirational and an object for investigation. This workshop's aim is to help you find new sources of inspiration, experiment and explore new areas of design by blending the physical and the digital world, learn new skills and techniques, and broaden their creative thinking.
This workshop is suitable for everyone (any age and profession) and there is no experience level required.
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