Caught in between

↳ Work in progress
↳ Client: Self Initiated Project
The 21st Century is the Century dominated by the Millennials. The Millennials, also known as the Net Generation, grew up in an electronic, digital and increasingly online and socially networked world, navigating life between a physical dimension and a virtual one. While this digital entity lacks a tactile materiality, it is now a reality in its own right, which can sometimes become even more real than reality itself. 
On the opposite spectrum, the physical world is distorted by the digital impact. Loads of digital layers are placed over the analogue to enrich our real-life experiences. Where will this take us? How can we use this parallel world to our advantage?

This project aims to explore and question our life between the two worlds, the physical and the artificial one. The goal is to start a conversation with the audience and explore together the possibilities of these two worlds that we are living in.
A collection of interactive artworks has been created, using typography as the main medium to convey the messages, thoughts, ideas and concerns about life between the two worlds.

The experimentation that goes by the name "Places to be" questions our presence in the two parallel worlds, depicting the places humans exist in the physical world and at the same time, showing the places they can exist simultaneously on the digital one. 
The shape and the motion of the 3D object of the augmented reality, which represents the digital world, has been inspired by location pointers.
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