↳ Client: Chef Signatures
↳ Design: Tina Touli
↳ Photography: Made by Humans
Chale is a food company created by friends whose sole mission is to celebrate and share West African food and culture.  
The word Chale comes from the Ga tribe in Ghana, meaning friend or mate. Befitting for them, friends with a passion for food, sharing snapshots from their childhood through the dishes and flavours that they grew up with.  
Their entry into the food scene is in the form of a burger, the Wahala. Traditional West African flavours woven into a Western classic. An introduction to West African flavours and ingredients and a taste of ‘Back home’ for the diasporas.  
Food is their way of participating in current African history, and they hope what they create can represent and capture their British-African heritage and share this with the food industry and beyond.  
The Chale brand identity has been inspired by the African heritage and culture, reimagined in a contemporary way. Custom typography, based on the geometric African art, has been created in order to shape the logotype, where burger buns and patty’s are “hidden” within the letter forms. Geometric patterns along with bright and vivid colours, all inspired by the African heritage, have been used throughout the whole identity.

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