Digital Maker Collective at Tate

↳ Client: Digital Maker Collective & Tate Modern
The campaign for the “Arts work of the future” has been based on the Digital Maker Collective brand identity. It has been inspired by the windows that we are browsing through on our mobile devices, scrolling from one to another heading towards the future. All these "pages” represent various provocations explored by the Digital Maker Collective. They bring together the students, artists and designers along with industry experts in a path towards the future, exploring the role of technology in the arts and re-thinking its impact on our lives.

Tate Exchange Associates include charities, universities, healthcare trusts and community radio stations working within and beyond the arts, working closely with one another and with Tate in response to the theme of ‘exchange’. The Digital Maker Collective is one of three University of the Arts London Founding Associates invited to be part of the Tate Exchange 2017/18 programme.
The Digital Maker Collective is an open group of University of the Arts staff, students, and alumni who share common goals of exploring digital & emerging technologies in the context of arts, education, society and the creative industries. 
The Digital Maker Collective goals are to support and share unique perspectives of digital making & emergent practice in the arts, to foster a co-produced, participatory approach to exploring digital arts learning and social engagement and to explore new perspectives & research on the impacts of the digital practice on the art school, sector & industries e.g. explore enquiry-led interdisciplinary art school curriculum.
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