DoorDash Race Car Driver

↳ Client: DoorDash

↳ Production Company: Hornet
↳ Studio: Vucko
↳ Director: Andrew Vucko
↳ Managing Director: Hana Shimizu
↳ Head of Production: Karen Lawler
↳ Head of Creative Development: Kristin Labriola
↳ Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
↳ Executive Producer: John Szebegyinszki
↳ Production Supervisor: Dez Stavracos
↳ Senior Producer: Marty Geren
↳ Design: Alec Tear, Tina Touli, Daniel Luna
↳ Animation: Jordan Coelho, Kendall Rumph, Daniel Luna
↳ Editor: Sam Stulin
↳ Production Coordinator: Nora Zubizarreta
Not just any race.  
Bubba Wallace is a voice for diversity, inclusion, and racial equality. It was incredibly humbling to partner with Vucko, Bubba, DoorDash and Nascar on an anthem with true purpose.  
Bold type, unapologetic and hard to look away from - playing against a myriad of engines running at full RPM. The spot was designed to play in stark contrast to the rest of the aired commercials during Nascar. We had to create visuals to match the singular voice Bubba brings to the table. Smart, yet minimal enough to capture the viewer. A reminder to pay attention. That we all can do better.
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