↳ Client: Andy Carson
↳ Design: Tina Touli
↳ Photography: Andy Carson
“Whatever exists in that narrow window between dreaming and awakening has always intrigued me. Dreamscapes sets out to capture that ‘world within a world’ moment using the elements of reflection, projection and light. By combining the natural with a studio-based ethereal backdrop, a surreal illusionary landscape is created, one that we can all relate to and is usually only experienced through dreamlike states.” Andy Carson
I have been commissioned by Andy Carson to create a packaging to host the “Dreamscapes” collection of photographs. The design of the box has been kept minimal in order to give the emphasis to it’s content, the photographs. The graphic has been inspired by the mirrors, the “hero” element of the pictures, and has been combined with the typography of the Andy Carson’s brand identity. Holographic printing has been used in order to simulate the material of a mirror.
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