Follow Your Bliss

↳ Client: Skullcandy
Pandemic times were tough for many reasons, and everyone was in need of some positivity. In whatever small way we could, we wanted to help inspire some good vibes. That’s where the Mood Boost came in: we launched a campaign with a mission to boost mental health, uplifting one mood at a time.
Let’s feel Blissful in April 2020. We could all use a little extra happiness, so we're hoping to inspire you to look forward to more Blissful times and remember the people and experiences that give you those warm and fuzzy feels. Join Skullcandy on the journey and celebrate a different feel-good mood every month through music performances, interviews and exclusive product drops. Because nothing changes the way we feel, like music does.
Our slogan, "This month, we’re feeling Blissful."
For the month of April 2020, the 'Blissful' collaboration with Skullcandy was launched. A digital toolkit was created, featuring the specific mood and colour palette (green earth tones with red secondary colours), with the freedom to define our own interpretation of Blissful.
Skullcandy’s internal design team moved those elements into production to animate and bring them to life for the videos of the campaign. A print of the hero artwork is bundled with a limited-edition earbuds. Re-interpreted Skullcandy “skulls” have been designed using the Blissful mood and its colour palette as a theme. Environment design graphics have been created for short-form music video performances and interview content, where the artists share stories and thoughts on the mood of the month.

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