Reality vs Imagination

↳ Client: Typocircle
Poster created for the Typocircle talk with the theme "Reality VS Imagination".
Nowadays more and more creatives tend to follow the same processes, starting and finishing their projects on their computer. We try to find inspiration from other professionals, a convenient source that often leads us to an infinite loop.
How about stop scrolling for a minute? Why limit creativity and imagination in the reality that it is? How about exploring and interacting with our immediate surroundings?
Different creative processes can lead to unique outcomes. Technology offers us all these exciting tools but the physical world can also do so many amazing things and provide limitless inspiration. Anything around us can stimulate our senses and can be inspirational and an “object” for investigation once we reimagine it. Creativity can be everywhere. A hole in a t-shirt, a wrong print, the foil paper that we wrap our food in, even the notebook that we sketch out our ideas as an object itself. There is so much inspiration in the physical world that we tend to ignore.
It is up to us to choose whether we want to hide ourselves behind the computer monitor, or reimagine our reality and discover unexplored areas of design.


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