Waitrose Drinks Festival

↳ Designed at Nalla Design
“We captured their commitment in our overall theme; every sip has a story…”
Brand design assets for Waitrose Drinks festival, the first festival hosted by the UK’s largest supermarket chain. 
The identity was built from scratch, while retaining the heritage of the main brand. It was vital to acknowledge and use Waitrose’s existing master-brand assets and equity, while focusing on the aspirations for the festival. This became an opportunity to create a platform to showcase the suppliers’ stories and products. Working alongside Waitrose and their event organiser to create a special look and feel for the festival, inspired by the quality of the product choice. The aim was to create a festive and inviting atmosphere.

The focus and passion on artisan and quality products, as well as supplier relationships, was portrayed through illustration, creating a unique letterform representing each different product group and its craft. This was then integrated in the custom typographic style, and these unique decorative letters became the core visual for the festival. They were used as way-finding signals in the venue, and helped position Waitrose as approachable experts. The existing colour palette was extended, using the colours of the drinks and seasonal shades as inspiration. Light, fresh imagery added a modern twist. 
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