Z by HP

↳ Client: HP / Z by HP
↳ Concept & Design: Tina Touli
↳ 3d Visualisation: Kakia Konstantinaki
↳ Sound Design: Grey Studios
The 21st Century is dominated by creatives who evolve with computers and broadband access and they are comfortable with the idea of researching online. They tend to seek inspiration for their designs more and more online. 
One of the most common questions that I get asked is, where do I seek inspiration from? This ad campaign aims to showcase new techniques and ideas that will hopefully serve as a reference and inspiration for other creatives.
As designers, we don’t want to think of any technical issues and limitations while creating. We want to have an uninterrupted creative experience and freedom to Create Anything, Anywhere and Anytime. 
The Z by HP collection provides limitless possibilities, breaking any boundaries between creativity and technology. It offers devices that become an extension of us and our creativity. 
The key messages of Create Anything, Anywhere and Anytime have been designed using various techniques, from physical experimentations, to 3D visuals and sketchy graphics, reflecting the concept of a device created by a group of creatives for all types of creatives!
An abstract composition of shapes has been created in order to represent the concept of ANYTHING. The look and feel of the composition reminds of space and planets, pushing the idea of ANYTHING even further.
The ”behind the scenes” of the design creation is revealed on the ad when zooming out of the graphics and dragging the glass tray with the abstract composition the on the side. The ZBook 2 by HP, a device which literally allows you to create ANYTHING reveals.
Living in this contemporary era where we are so busy that we sometimes end up having a quick lunch at the tube, or finishing up our presentation on the bus on our way to work, being able to work from anywhere is crucial. Having a device with no place restrictions, super light, easy to carry around and to quickly use it from anywhere, is like a dream coming true! In this scene, custom typography has been combined with clouds, representing the concept of a “dream” and at the same time the idea of literally ANYWHERE.
Especially if you are a night owl like me, and you work often till late, having a device like the ZBook 2 that allows you to easily lie down on the sofa and carry on creating with your pen is the ideal set up. You can easily create ANYTIME.
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